Ten Other Times Brands Have Collaborated To Make Something Amazing

Ten Other Times Brands Have Collaborated To Make Something Amazing

Yesterday McDonald’s devastatingly rebuffed Burger King’s attempts at creating a whopper of a McWhopper using the best bits from both brands’ signature burgers.

The proposal from Burger King – which looked like the brand had put a heap of thought into – was flatly rejected by Macca’s CEO via Facebook post.

The collaboration would have been to #settlethebeef for Peace Day.

While the B&T office was in mourning that this epic burger would not be created, we decided to take a look at other brands that have teamed up to create something amazing.

Cadbury and Vegemite

We really couldn’t go past this one, which saw the chocolate brand Cadbury team up Aussie spread Vegemite for a combination that was both titillating and confusing on our tongues.

It caused quite the Twitter reaction – and prompted a heap of parodies.

cadbury vegemite

Marvel and DC Comics

In a fight between Superman and Spiderman, who would win? DC Comics (who publish Superman) and Marvel (who publish Spiderman) sought to find out in the 70s, combining efforts to create the ultimate comic book.

dc marvel

News Presenters Fighting Each other

Some of the most notable Aussie TV presenters came together for the fight to end all fights. Obviously, SBS’s Lee Lin Chin smashed everyone.

Swathes of brands for same-sex marriage

A heap of brands didn’t let their rivalry stand in the way when it came to supporting same-sex marriage, taking out a full-page ad in News Corp’s The Australian to show support. Major Aussie banks such as Westpac, ANZ and the Commonwealth Bank were involved in the ad, as were Virgin Mobile and Optus.


AFL/NRL For Marriage equality

And on the back of the full-page ad, the NRL and the AFL collaborated and took out a page in the Weekend Australian to show support for marriage equality.


Pizza Hut and Four ‘n Twenty

The pizza brand and the pie brand clearly thought they were a match made in heaven when the brands collaborated and came up with a pizza crust stuffed with pies.


However it caused a bit of controversy due to its probable enormous amount of calories contained within.

Tacos and doritos

Sometimes a plain flavour taco shell is not enough. So cheesy chip goodness Doritos teamed up with US chain Taco Bell to create a Nacho Cheese flavour.

We’ve not tried it, but boy, do we want to.


Pepsi and Coke on Climate Change

In 2014 a whole hoard of brands came together to join Greenpeace, campaigning against Climate Change, with Coke and Pepsi among them.

The brands created a digital platform called RefrigerentsNaturally!

coke pepsi

Red Velvet and tim tams

Purely for the fact the B&T office devoured nearly 20 packets over the course of a few days is telling enough to have us saying this was something amazing.


Celeb chef Adriano Zumbo has also created a heap of other flavours for the delectable chocolate biscuit for your tummy’s pleasure.


Graphic design crowdsourcing site DesignCrowd recently tasked designers to mash together competitor logos to see what they would look like.

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