People Aren’t Happy About Tinder’s New Social Feature

People Aren’t Happy About Tinder’s New Social Feature

Yesterday dating app Tinder announced that Australian users will be the first market to trial a group social feature called Tinder Social, but it turns out people are not happy with the idea all their Facebook friends will now know that they use Tinder.

‘Tinder Social’ matches small groups of friends with other groups of tinder users so everyone can be social and make friends for life.

The feature caused a lot of confusion among the interwebs- why would you use it? is this a group sex feature? But don’t worry, according to Tinder, the aim of the feature is to encourage “people to get off your phone, meet more people and be more Social”.

The issue is that some people might not want all their Facebook friends knowing they use Tinder, however a part of the terms and conditions of signing up to Tinder is that you give the app access to your Facebook account.

UPDATE: Any user who would prefer not to be added to groups can opt out of Tinder Social through his/her settings to no longer appear on their friends’ lists. We are only testing it at this point, but it’s important to note Tinder’s not a secret considering 70 per cent of users download Tinder because their friends recommend it.

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