Facebook Glitch Makes Brands Automatically Like Their Own Posts

Facebook Glitch Makes Brands Automatically Like Their Own Posts

Calm down Facebook page admins: it wasn’t the intern liking all your posts. Over the past few days, a Facebook bug has caused Pages to automatically like every post published onto its own Page. For example, it looked like B&T was liking B&T‘s own Facebook posts- We’re not that narcissistic.

The same bug blocked admins from ‘unliking’ the posts. This was frustrating for admins because Pages looked like they were blowing their own trumpet, as well as inflating the number of likes.

The bug affected several news pages, big name brands, and even small, personal businesses.

Facebook page admins took to Twitter to complain about the bug:

Facebook released a statement to Digiday: “We wanted to let you know that we are aware of the issue currently affecting some Pages in which the Page likes certain posts on the Page without a page admin actually taking action to like the post. This is a widespread known issue and the team is actively working on a fix.”

This morning the problem had been fixed.

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