Tech Savvy Employees Need Businesses To Keep Up With Them

Tech Savvy Employees Need Businesses To Keep Up With Them

Australian employees are quick to adapt to digital transformation trends – and they are expecting businesses to keep up with the play, said tech company Newgen Software.

Factors such as increased mobility, the need for a harmonious user experience across multiple devices, higher levels of global communication, and the expectation that workplaces should be more agile and adaptable, means seamless workplace processes has never been more pressing.

Australian Communications and Media Authority research from 2013 found that 5.6 million employees were identified as ‘digital workers’ meaning they worked remotely or on the go, as well as in the office.

Newgen Software stated: “Banks, insurance companies and other large companies are early adopters of digital transformation change, primarily because they must be highly reactive to customers and retain a competitive edge.”

“The demand for technologies and applications which facilitate business process transformation ensures faster time to market for major companies, as well as the ability to capitalise on emerging market opportunities,” said Newgen Software vice president of channel sales, Manojit Majumdar.

“The advanced mobile behavior of Australian employees creates both an opportunity and a challenge for companies nationally. Employees have less tolerance for bogged down work processes and they expect the ability to work beyond the office, on a number of devices with efficient work processes in place.”

Recent Deloitte survey results pointed to an average increase in profitability of 130-190% from companies who had undertaken digital workplace transformation.

During CeBIT, the nation’s biggest tech fair, Newgen predicted “digital transformation trickling down to small to medium companies, a flow on effect from big business adoption”.

“Interestingly, you don’t have to be a big player to implement digital transformation. We’ve seen an enthusiasm and desire to adopt in developing countries, particularly through cloud services. Many of these companies are leap-frogging from archaic IT infrastructures to retain a competitive edge and establish themselves as powerful global players,” said Mahumdar.

Newgen’s top tips for CIO’s and senior management contemplating digital transformation

  • Review communication channels every six months to and assess what is working and what can be improved
  • Talk to employees about their expectations regarding mobility in the workplace, are they currently being met?
  • Consider BYOD – do your current systems facilitate this shift in device behaviour?
  • Check out the competition – are they more effective and streamlined?
  • Consider what communication channels you are relying heavily on – is it primarily phone and email. Is this the most efficient way for employees to communicate?
  • Don’t consider your business processes and content management as ‘done’ – it should be constantly evolving based on mobile trends and consumer/employee needs.
  • Rather than focusing on the roll out of a platform, focus on end solutions.

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