Tech And Luxury Brands Top “Most Loved” List When It Comes To Social Media

Tech And Luxury Brands Top “Most Loved” List When It Comes To Social Media

Apple is the most loved brand in Europe if the amount of online affection it receives is to be believed.

Social media analysis from NetBase examined data from 6.5 million social media posts from 50 (primarily European) countries over the past 12 months to find out which companies were most closely associated with expressions of love. And it appears the Europeans particularly fancy their tech, car and high-end fashion brands.

Social media posts about brands which contained words like “fantastic”, “adorable,” “perfect and “outstanding” were were picked up by NetBase’s software.

The analysis discounted sarcastic posts, as well as those where the expression of love was not directed towards the brand in question.

The data also found that people seem to be particularly in love with tech brands with first-placed Apple and second-placed Google streaks ahead of the rest of the field.

The report noted: “Examining English language data across 5 million earned mention posts from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016, we found 10 per cnet of the top 50 most-loved European brands were tech brands. And yet, these five brands – Google, Apple, SAP, Dyson, and Siemens – accounted for 64 per cent of all European brand mentions.

“What does that tell us? People love to talk tech. Consumer goods companies, on the other hand – including fashion, toy, and apparel brands – represented nearly half of the top 50, but only accounted for 18 per cent of mentions. So while consumers love the 23 brands in this category, they don’t talk about them as often on social.”

According to the NetBase study the top 21 most loved brands were (the number of ‘love’ mentions it received in the past 12 months to March 31 are in brackets):

1) Apple (2,269,650)

2) Google (1,257,800)

3) Lego (280,343)

4) BMW (157,189)

5) adidas (129,241)

6) Chanel (128,337)

7) Tesco (127,715)

8) Audi (126,748)

9) Ferrari (125,178)

10) Porsche (106,249)

11) Dior (60,956)

12) Jaguar (55,639)

13) Barclays (52,618)

14) SAP (49,142)

15) Louis Vuitton (40,346)

16) Hermès (40,163)

17) Gucci (40,143)

18) Renault (36,212)

19) Burberry (33,302)

20) Mastercard (33,202)

21) Aston Martin (32,701)



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