TABOO And TAC Team Up To Stop Victorians’ Distracted Driving

TABOO And TAC Team Up To Stop Victorians’ Distracted Driving

TABOO and the Transport Accident Commission have launched a new initiative encouraging Victorians to activate their smartphone’s ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ function in a mission to reduce distracted driving.

The #DNDWhileDriving initiative, which comes off the back of the TAC’s recently launched distracted driving campaign, features a series of light-hearted instructional videos featuring comedians showing drivers how to activate ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ – a simple and impactful way to curb mobile phone distractions on the roads.

In these videos, Australian comedians Sam Simmons and Aaron Chen are shown activating the function on their own phones, and having fun creating their own personalised ‘Do Not Disturb’ auto-response messages.

Watch Sam Simmons here.

Watch Aaron Chen here.

TABOO and the TAC brought #DNDWhileDriving to life on Friday 19 July and Saturday 20 July via a “Donut Disturb” promotion in the Melbourne CBD. Passersby were encouraged in by activation staff and everyone who activated their ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ function received a free donut.

While the #DNDWhileDriving initiative takes a playful approach to tackling driver distraction, it is born from an urgent need to address a serious problem on our state’s roads.

A recent TAC survey of 1,742 road users showed a third of license holders aged 18 to 60 years admitted to using their mobile phones illegally while driving.

TABOO creative director Nick Jamieson said this campaign is proof that sometimes the simplest of ideas can be the most effective.

Jamieson commented: “Asking Victorians to switch on their ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ function is an easy way to help everyone to stay focused on the road. And who doesn’t love donuts?”.

TAC senior manager engagement Meg Jacobs said the new initiative encouraged the community to work together to tackle driver distraction – one of the most complex road safety challenges faced by today’s road users.

Jacobs said: “Addressing road safety issues requires a comprehensive approach, but we want to show Victorians that there are simple things they can do right now to help make our roads safer.”

To find out how to turn on and personalise your own Do Not Disturb auto-response message, search Transport Accident Commission (TAC) on Facebook and @tacvictoria on Instagram.

Victorians can join the conversation by sharing a screenshot of their personalised ‘Do Not Disturb’ message with #DNDWhileDriving for a chance to win Gold Class cinema tickets.

Client: Transport Accident Commisson (TAC)
Creative Agency: TABOO
PR Agency: Alt/Shift

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