Sydney Start-Up To Transform Online Advertising With Intelligent Algorithm

Sydney Start-Up To Transform Online Advertising With Intelligent Algorithm

Muzaara, a new ecommerce advertising platform, is poised to launch an automated marketing platform, developed to work in synergy with Google Shopping and Facebook.

The value of Muzaara lies in its intelligent algorithm technology, which utilises the vast and valuable data-mass gleaned through consumer interaction with online advertisements, to optimise online marketing campaigns.

Neil Thomas, Muzaara CEO, said, “The world of online marketing moves at a lightning pace, and sometimes, new technology changes the game completely. Take the emergence of Facebook and Google Shopping as advertising platforms—they’re game changers for businesses of every size.

“But this raises the question, how can online retailers make the most of these platforms? That’s where Muzaara steps in.”

In Australia, Facebook currently has more than 15 million active users, with the average time spent on Facebook each day coming in at 1.7 hours. The latest Australian stats show that on average, 60 per cent of people who discovered new information on Facebook go on to learn more about the topic or company, and 35 per cent of people who discover a business or product on Facebook share that information with their friends.

Clearly, there is huge potential reach for small to medium sized businesses and retailers.

But advertising for small to medium sized businesses can be complicated. According to Dan Levy, Facebook’s director of Small Business, many companies don’t advertise on Facebook because they either don’t have a product ready for an advertising campaign, or they only have one or two employees. Finding the time and resources to implement advertising campaigns can be almost impossible.

Thomas said, “It all boils down to this. There’s an incredible amount of information out there, and it takes a serious amount of time and expertise to analyse effectively—and that costs businesses spectacular amounts of money in labour costs.

“And in fact, what we realised is that often, even with a great deal of investment, advertising campaigns were performing way below their potential.

“That’s why we developed Muzaara—to provide an intuitive and efficient solution that gets online marketing campaigns firing at their true potential, whilst saving businesses money in upkeep costs.”

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