Sydney Creatives Entropico Prove Tight Budgets Don’t Snuff-Out Creativity

Sydney Creatives Entropico Prove Tight Budgets Don’t Snuff-Out Creativity

Sydney based creatives Entropico have zoomed in on non-for-profit researcher Centenary Institute’s cancer research projects with a new TVC, proving that even a tight budget is an opportunity to innovate.

Entropico, a creative collective that produces brand films, social campaigns, TVCs and music videos, was approached by Centenary Institute with a restricted budget of $5000 to produce a TVC, a challenging task for any creative organisation.

After touring the Centenary Institute and observing the modern scientific imaging technologies, Entropico honed in on the concept ‘Tiny Work, Huge Results’.

“We were fascinated by the scale on which the scientists work and how findings at the microscopic cellular level can have such big impacts on disease management and treatment,” said Erin Moy, EP at Entropico.

“We decided to focus on playing with this scale in our TVC campaign, opening with macro shots that represent the cellular level of cancer and then tracking out to imply the huge positive effects that advances in cancer research can have on people’s lives.

“This also played right into our budget constraints as our set, for the most part, was about the size of a 50c piece. We were able to capture the chilling beauty of cancer, and portray it as a force of nature from the scientists’ perspective without putting too much financial pressure on the Centenary Institute.”

The aim of the TVC is to raise funds for Centenary Institute, a not-for-profit medical research institute who specialises in improving diagnostics, treatments and finding cures in three key areas: cancer, inflammation and cardiovascular disease.

The ad, directed by Melbourne based film director Katzki, approaches cancer as a force of nature, showing the cells developing and spreading on a microscopic level. A voice is played over the micro-footage detailing how a process that is invisible to the human eye can have extreme consequences.

The ad then fades away from the developing cancer cells to reveal a young lady looking out a window, connecting the viewer to a real person with real experiences.

“We wanted to avoid the emotionally fatiguing, traditional approach to promoting cancer research and try to show cancer as an intriguing, complex and visually beautiful ‘creature’ to try and connect our audience with the perspective of the researchers,” said Moy.

“We wanted to demonstrate how complex the research has become and how further support will bring us closer to understanding these tiny, complicated processes that go on inside all of us.

“The financial obstruction ended up steering us in an interesting creative direction. The ad came together smoothly in line with Katzki’s vision and we kept within our budget, all up a very successful project.”

The Centenary Institute is in negotiations to launch the campaign across multiple platforms including cinema, television and social media.


Agency & Production: Entropico

Director: Katzki

Producer: Erin Moy

Writer: Sam Egan

Strategy: Guy Marshall

DOP: Ella Gibbons

H&MU: Celeste Gubb

Voice: Lani Tupu

Starring: Jayde Bond

Score: Tyler Burrows

Sound Design: Uncanny Valley

Colourist: Yanni Kronenberg


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