The ‘Swiss Army Knife Of Pizza Boxes’ Lands In Australia

The ‘Swiss Army Knife Of Pizza Boxes’ Lands In Australia

Split it, flip it, and turn it into plates. The future of pizza is here. It’s cardboard innovation made locally in Australia from recycled materials. And it just makes a lot of sense!

Why didn’t we think of this sooner? We’ve become so focused on technological innovation that sometimes we forget to look at the things we use every day and ask ourselves … ‘is there a better way to be doing this?’

Pizza lover Philip Bonvino, founder of West Metro Packaging Co, found himself asking this exact question.

After searching the world for a better way to serve pizza, Bonvino discovered GreenBox, and worked tirelessly to make the patented innovation available in Australia.

Bonvino said: “The pizza industry was very slow to adopt sustainable packaging – we thought the GreenBox was the best way to replace these outmoded pizza boxes and move Australia’s pizza industry towards sustainability.”

The top of the GreenBox tears into 4 cardboard plates, and the bottom folds into a compact storage container for leftovers.

When you eat pizza with a GreenBox, there’s no washing up or plastic storage containers required.

Gone are the days of hovering over a pizza box, and trying to shove a family sized pizza box into a drinks fridge.

Chef Stefano Manfredi said: “People are amazed with the box, especially how it morphs into a takeaway container, almost like a transformer.”

Takeaway you can truly feel good about, GreenBox Australian pizza boxes are currently manufactured locally in each state, using recycled paper from ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified paper mills, to ensure the raw materials can to continue to be recycled.

Bonvino added: “Long term, the little changes add up, so we wanted to help contribute to Australians living sustainable lifestyles by supplying lower impact packaging products in Australia.

“We feel we’ve addressed a quality gap in Australian pizza packaging, with pizzerias describing the box as strong enough and luxurious enough for customers to eat out of.

“We understand that due to China no longer accepting recycled materials, local councils are now diverting recycling to landfill.

“Recently, there has been much interest in the GreenBox because of its multi-use features, and we hope in a small way, we can help Australian pizzerias replace outmoded pizza boxes and support them on their journey towards zero waste.”

GreenBox is now available in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, and will soon be landing in Western Australia.layout opt

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