Super Bowl convos

Super Bowl convos

The Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud team has created a series of infographics detailing the conversations and influences surrounding the US NFL Super Bowl.

The US Super Bowl is well under way and coursing through social media are an abundance of conversations surrounding the highly anticipated NFL game.

Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud team have put together a number of infographics detailing the various conversations and influencers.

Check them out below.

According to Salesforce the top influencer for what the team is deeming Super Social Bowl is Funk Flex!!!!! followed by MTV and IFWT.

As to be expected, the region most engaged with the Super Bowl is North America, although Aussies and parts of East Africa are two other areas where people are getting in on the conversation.

Salesforce has also included their trends and insights into this year’s giant game.

With the coveted commercial spots in the Super Bowl due to its large advertising reach, last year saw 33% of brands use a Twitter hashtag to continue the conversation after its commercial had been aired.

The public relations agency is expecting that to increase this year, believing they will see around 40 million tweets for this year’s game.

Salesforce also predicts the second screen will soon become the primary screen.

“The ‘second screen’ has been a sexy topic for anybody on TV over the last several years. The NFL understands the second screen and are wisely taking a different approach than their counterparts. They view the television as the second screen, and are making their mobile app available to all smartphone users for the first time this year. Expect user data galore.”

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