Super Bowl Ads Up To $5 Mil A Pop As Brands Hop Onto Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Ads Up To $5 Mil A Pop As Brands Hop Onto Super Bowl Sunday

Advertisers who have their glorious 30 seconds of fame during the Super Bowl reportedly paid up to $US5 million smackaroos for the chance to have their creative seen, according to WPP research firm Kantar Media.

In a statement on its website at the end of last week, Kantar Media said the spending for the Super Bowl has just gone up and up with this year’s apparently on the way to topping $US400 million, with 50 minutes of TV advertising.

The ads too see brands forking out up to $US5 million, whereas a few years ago it had been around the $US2 million mark.

The NFL game last year achieved a total revenue of $345.4 million, with TV ads at 48 minutes and five seconds.

Kantar Media said in a statement: “The Super Bowl is TV’s most expensive air time; expect even higher rates, lots of ads and longer spots in 2016.”

The Super Bowl has been described as the “Oscars of advertising”, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. And the anticipation and excitement of the ads is something Australia is in desperate need of.

The ads for the 2016 game have already been in high demand across social media, with an ad by Aussie filmmaker Peter Carstairs currently being the most shared Super Bowl ad so far.

Carstairs’ ad is one of three finalists in Doritos’ last ever Crash the Super Bowl competition, so we at the B&T office have our fingers crossed his ad gets airtime.

But not all have been loved – if this list from Mashable is anything to go by. It would be a disappointment to say the least to shell out a couple of mil for a spot and have the ad not resonate with fans.

Nevertheless, there are still some Super Bowl ads that have stood the test of time, particularly across social. According to video ad tech company Unruly, Volkswagen’s The Force ad has been the most shared Super Bowl ad of all time.

And in crunch time leading to kick off – which is 3.30pm California time, and 10.30am Sydney time today – brands have been busy on Twitter getting in on the hashtag #SuperBowl.

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