Study: Why Tinder’s All About The Visuals, Hence Why It’s Doomed For Failure For The Dateless

Study: Why Tinder’s All About The Visuals, Hence Why It’s Doomed For Failure For The Dateless

Are you a perennial user of the dating app Tinder but can’t seem to ever make it past a disastrous first date? Well, new research has revealed why.

According to a new university study of what works and what doesn’t for the dating app, Tinder users’ initial enticer is the photograph of the person you first see via the app.

Sure, you might choose to date someone on their attractiveness, but if they’ve got an awful personality then typically things go no further, hence why most Tinder suers don’t make it to a second date.

For the study, researchers at the University of Kansas recruited 65 pairs of strangers and asked them to judge pictures of strangers based on their attractiveness. The group then met the strangers and had a 10 minute conversation with them. Interestingly, it was this group who rated people less attractive in the photo who found the person more attractive during the real-life meeting.

People who were already considered pretty or handsome did not see the same bounce after a face to face meeting.

The researchers also found that people who’d already scored their potential date before meeting them often found they didn’t live up to their high scores upon meeting them in person. Hence, you go on your first Tinder date but so often finish up disappointed and underwhelmed.

Commenting on the study, the University of Kansas’s Jeffrey Hall, told the UK’s Daily Mail: “With Tinder and user-directed online dating services, people try to manage the vast number of profiles by picking the most attractive people.

“Several researchers have made the critique that that is not the best way to find a partner,” Hall said.

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