Study: Over A third Of Brands In Australia Admit Their Marketing Is Creepy

Study: Over A third Of Brands In Australia Admit Their Marketing Is Creepy

Brands still have a lot of work to do to make personalisation a positive part of the customer experience, according to new research.

A new report by InMoment has found that 38 per cent of brands in Australia admit their own marketing is somewhat creepy. Furthermore, 70 per cent of Aussie consumers admit to finding most forms of personalisation from brands creepy.

The report compares the perspectives of consumers and brands in Australia on CX themes such as memorability, personalisation and the human element to determine areas of alignment and disconnect.

Additionally, the report uncovered that 34 per cent of Aussies would stop buying a brand that they felt knew too much and used the information poorly to create a creepy experience.

Here are some of the other key findings from the research:

  • Australians are more sensitive to creepiness than their US counterparts (34 per cent of Australians will stop using a brand in comparison to just 20 per cent of Americans).
  • 44 per cent of consumers have cited staff knowing personal details as creepy, while 40 per cent are put off by technology that recognises personal information.
  • 27 per cent of consumers share details of their negative personalisation experiences with friends.
  • 26 per cent of consumer said they would start to look for other options after a creepy experience.

Commenting on the report, InMoment’s Australian country manager, Claire Fastier, said: “Brands have spent a disproportionate amount of effort and budget attempting to acquire new customers in a race for short-term gain.

“The days of treating customers as targets, as one-time transactions, are over. In order to create long-term value, companies must forge authentic bonds – relationships – with customers across touchpoints and time.

“Approaching customers and their data from this perspective allows brands to move beyond generating metrics to discovering meaning that they can use to improve relationships and successfully steer the business toward better outcomes.”

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