Study: Teens Are Giving Up Sex & Booze As They Live Their Lives Online

Study: Teens Are Giving Up Sex & Booze As They Live Their Lives Online

For many of us that first beer or Vodka Cruiser and a drunken fumble with the opposite sex is a rite of passage in our formative teenage years.

However, a new study has found that’s no longer the case, with modern day teens apparently preferring to live out their reckless years online.

The study of 1000 British teenagers aged 16-18 found that drinking rates among the age group had dropped dramatically and, when it came to relationships, they preferred time with family or romantic interludes online.

Conducted by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, it found two-thirds of respondents were virgins and 24 per cent of them had never touched alcohol.

On the upside, the study noted there had been a sharp fall in teenage pregnancies since 2007. It noted that teenagers these days were far more aware of the pitfalls of falling pregnant early and, instead, wanted to focus on their education and their careers.

It found that 80 per cent of respondents said doing well at school and university and doing well in their careers was their top priority. That was compared to 68 per cent who said spending time with friends was there favourite thing to do.

The study noted that as teenagers spent more time hitting the school books there was less time to socialise.

Less than a quarter of those surveyed spoke to their friends face-to-face as frequently as they spoke to them online, while 70 per cent spoke to them online four times a week or more.

The study deduced that teenagers who did have more face-to-face with friends were also more likely to be sexual active.

Head of the research, Katherine O’Brien, commented: “Our research reveals that this is a generation who are focused on their education, aware of economic challenges but determined to succeed regardless and many of whom enjoy time with their families as much as with partners and friends.

“They seem to place significant value on responsibility and maturity, particularly when it comes to alcohol consumption and sex.

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