Study: Instagram Stories Eclipse Regular Feed

Alushta, Russia - December 3, 2014: Woman holding a iPhone 6 Space Gray with social networking service Instagram on the screen. iPhone 6 was created and developed by the Apple inc.

L&A Social has released its latest report on social media trends in the Australian landscape. This public report is the second release of its kind from the Sydney-based company, updating and expanding on their previous trends report released at the end of Q4 for the 2018/19 financial year.

The report comes only weeks after L&A announced plans to expand into further industry education offerings, of which this report series establishes itself as a predecessor.

This report incorporates social media trends & learnings from Q1 FY20, and details findings on top Instagram trends, social platform updates and messaging statistics. The report shows that Instagram Stories have now eclipsed the regular Instagram feed, a prediction that the company has stood by over the last six months, insights on the controversial privatisation of Instagram likes on the platform in Australia and other test markets, and much more.

“As we move into the back end of 2019, anyone online will be able to download our latest Social Media Trends Report to get insight into what we have seen trending in social over the last quarter and what we can predict for the next quarter,” said L&A communications manager and head developer of the quarterly report Jessica Casamento.

“L&A strongly believes in spreading transparency of the social media landscape, and ensuring that social media marketing is accessible to individuals and businesses alike. This report is our way of giving back and sharing the knowledge we gain in partnering with over 50 of Australia’s leading brands.” added L&A founder & CEO Gina Lednyak.

L&A will be releasing a new trend report each quarter, with the vision to share trends, learnings, and thought leadership across the greater industry.

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