Study: The Economy & Unemployment The Biggest Worry For Most Aussies

Study: The Economy & Unemployment The Biggest Worry For Most Aussies

A new study of the concerns of Australians we’re concerned about war and terrorism on the global front, but at home it’s all, about the economy – especially unemployment, and housing affordability.

The study, by Roy Morgan Research, found the economy and things economic to be the biggest single theme to emerge. Economic issues such as unemployment, housing affordability, the economy in general, poverty and the gap between the rich and poor were mentioned by 38 per cent of Australians as the most important problems facing the nation.


When considering the wider world, the largest theme to emerge was about concerns related to war and terrorism. These issues including the more general fears about safety and security were mentioned by 31 per cent of Australians.

When it came to the single biggest issue facing Australia, respondents voted unemployment at number one for the nation and terrorism the number one issue for the planet.


Commenting on the study, Roy Morgan CEO, Michele Levine, said: “The Economy dominates discussion in Australia and this latest research shows there’s good reason for that with 38 per cent of Australians raising an Economic Issue as what they considered to be the most important problem facing Australia. Other significant issues mentioned include ‘Climate change and Global warming’ and ‘Politics and the Political system’ with both mentioned by eight per cent of respondents.

“According to Australians the largest single issue is unemployment which was specifically mentioned by nine per cent of respondents.

“Housing affordability was raised by six per cent of Australians. This is the highest ever national figure for housing affordability and the increase is concentrated in Australia’s capital cities (mentioned by eight per cent) rather than regional Australia (mentioned by just two per cent). Unsurprisingly, Sydney is the most impacted with housing affordability mentioned by 12 per cent of respondents, Melbourne (seven per cent) and Brisbane (ten per cent).

“However on the world front terrorism, war and threats to safety and security and world peace are top of mind for Australians,” she said.

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