Study: Aussies To Spend $48 Billion This Christmas (Apple Set To Rule Under The Tree)

Study: Aussies To Spend $48 Billion This Christmas (Apple Set To Rule Under The Tree)

Unleash the credit card debt! Australians are set to spend $48 billion in the lead up to Christmas this year a new study has found. And the coolest presents for kids these days? It’s all good news for the Apple corporation, with the iPad and iPhone taking first and second spot respectively.

The study of almost 3000 eight-13 year olds, by research firm Roy Morgan and the and the Australian Retailers’ Association, found that 69 per cent of Aussie kids thought the iPad was a cool present, with girls more likely than boys to think that. In scary news for parents, the iPhone came second with 54 per cent of respondents ranking it as cool.

The tech trend continued with computers, laptops and tablets ranking in third position. The rest of the top 10 (see below) thankfully had good-old fashioned toy brands such as Lego, Nerf Guns, Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 9.10.17 am

Among the 10 things currently considered coolest by Australian kids, eight owe their standing to their popularity with boys. For example, while 55 per cent of boys would no doubt be thrilled to find a Nerf Gun under the Christmas tree, only 24 per cent of girls would share this delight!

A PlayStation 4 would be a far bigger Christmas hit with boys (53 per cent of whom think they’re cool) than girls (22 per cent), as would anything Star Wars-related (50 per cent boys/21per cent girls).

Commenting on the study, Roy Morgan CEO, Michele Levine, said: “As another festive season rolls around, parents and marketers alike will once again be asking themselves: what kind of Christmas presents have kids got their hearts set on this year? Not surprisingly, digital devices would be well received, but where the iPod Touch and standard iPod topped the cool list just a few years ago, technology has since moved on, with iPhones being the music player of choice these days.

“Other victims of technology’s vertiginous evolution are the Xbox 360, which has seen its cool factor plummet since 2012 in the wake of Xbox One’s release; and Nintendo 3DS. Given its virtual reality capabilities, PlayStation 4’s growing popularity with kids is no surprise: it’s not just grown-ups that get a kick out of VR!

“Of course, it’s good to see that some of the old favourites are still cool, with Lego in particular trending steadily upwards over the last few years. Sportswear brand Nike has also surged in popularity since 2012, especially among older children,” Levine said.


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