Study: Aussie Kids Are Doing Just Fine When It Comes To Pocket Money

Study: Aussie Kids Are Doing Just Fine When It Comes To Pocket Money

Most children in South East Asia receive pocket money daily and spend it on their favourite brands, while Aussie kids receive less frequent but bigger amounts, according to the latest report from kid-safe digital advertising and content platform TotallyAwesome.

And while amounts vary greatly by country across the Asia Pacific, all children surveyed regularly received cash to spend at their discretion.

Since 2015, TotallyAwesome InsightsAPAC-focused proprietary study is tracking pocket money patterns in 2,154 kids aged six to 14 and their parents across seven key markets.

Kids in Thailand (more than 70 per cent), Indonesia (65 per cent) and Malaysia (more than 50 per cent) are most likely to receive pocket money daily, especially between the ages of nine and 11. The highest monthly pocket money amounts are received by Aussie kids ($131 on average) and Singaporeans ($109 on average).

The study also found that kids in Australia, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam are given larger amounts on special occasions such as birthdays, and those amounts increase with age. On average, the six to eight-year-old cohort receives $28, while the nine to 11-year cohort receives $30 and the 12 to 14-year cohort receives $34.

According to the report, 45 per cent said they have bought an item they saw online with their own money, while snacks, drinks, toys and confectionary are the most popular items for kids to spend their money on.

Snacks is the favourite category across all the markets and Thai kids are the most active consumers, with 80 per cent spending their pocket money on snacks. Toys are ranked well in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam, while confectionery ranks well in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

“So, what we’ve found is that kids are direct purchasers with cash of their own,” TotallyAwesome CEO Quan Nguyen said.

“But while children are budget holders and consumers in their own right, we should never lose sight of the fact they’re young and impressionable.

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