Study: By 2030 EVERYTHING Will Change & That’s Great News For Brands

Study: By 2030 EVERYTHING Will Change & That’s Great News For Brands

A new report by US innovation research firm Stylus has found that by 2030 we all face a rather daunting prospect – “exceeding our best selves will be non-negotiable”.

Although that sounds like a hellish Anthony Robbins pep talk, the results come from Stylus’ new report titled Flexible Futures: Workers & Workspaces of 2030’. You can download a copy of it here.

According to the study, “Influenced by the arrival of automation, increasing hostility living environments and a more flexible approach to living, consumers will have to augment their abilities. This will create a plethora of opportunities from brands to create new products, services and working spaces to adapt to, and empower the modern worker.”

Other findings of the Stylus study include:

  • Codifying personalities – in a flexi-economy where part-time experts will be commonplace, there will be times when consumers’ favourite staff – and brands’ best communicators – won’t be on hand to help. Building bots that could ‘absorb’ the personalities of popular store assistants would ensure that brands have their best teams at least virtually available when physically absent.
  • New work spaces ­– As consumers prioritise more fluid ways of living, we’re seeing sectors like hospitality exploring ways to expand the use of their spaces as a way to win back business dollars previously lost to branded co-working spaces.
  • Stores become ‘brand spaces’ – By 2030, the concept of the store as we currently know it will have been usurped by a new breed of more agile, futureproof-focused brand spaces. R&D-primed open-HQ concepts will treat consumers as micro-consultants, while Vampire Retailing will cater to 24-hour living.

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