Starts At 60 Debuts Interactive Travel Website

Starts At 60 Debuts Interactive Travel Website

Starts at 60 has launched an interactive travel website,  The website brings media, travel reviews, interactive bucket lists, destination guides, deals along with a booking engine to a demographic of active, online savvy travellers.

Travel at 60 launched overnight to the Starts at 60 community of over a million unique visitors per month (GA), verified by Nielsen at more than 270,000 Australian UBs/month in the latest digital ratings.

“This is a cutting edge site for a demographic that has been largely forgotten by the travel industry and the advertising industry, but is very much there and demanding to be noticed,”  Rebecca Wilson, Starts at 60 CEO and founder, said.

The Travel at 60 website will use the strength of community and a selection of partnerships to build great travel experiences and sell them directly to over-60s through their Travel at 60 VIP Deals Club as well as presenting prominent media and content opportunities in the advertising marketplace.

“Travel at 60 is our biggest project yet and has taken many months to put together with effort from Developers, 60-year-old writers, our content team, and a selection of players in the travel industry who have underpinned the deals.  This is just the beginning of a plan to really serve the over-60 the travel they want, online and off.”

The site contains the following components:

The Bucket lists. An interactive tool to “put any destination on your bucket list” by clicking the + sign on the top of each item. Find deals by bucket list in three powerful categories: Luxury; Experience and Value in each bucket list.

Destination Guides. Users can search for the place they want to go and read a guidebook written by over-60s travellers.

Reviews section. A place where over-60s can submit reviews and tips on either hotels or locations, anywhere in the world.

Online booking tools. A search and book capability that brings together a number of the world’s best travel booking engines into one place that users can book through easily. The site launches with Hotels booking, and will have comprehensive cruise, car and flights over coming weeks.

Travel at 60 VIP Deals. Travel at 60 are working with some of Australia’s best travel wholesalers and operators with the buying power enlisted through being a part of a large group of over-60s with travel aspirations.

The team and their supporters are creating travel deals for over-60s that are ‘out of the ordinary’ and ‘packed with awesome experiences’.



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