Sprout Research Repositions Itself To “The Human Truth Agency”

Sprout Research Repositions Itself To “The Human Truth Agency”

Brisbane based Sprout Research this month unveiled its new positioning as ‘The Human Truth Agency’, using world-first neuroscience tools and research technologies to delve more deeply than ever before into what really motivates people.

Big brands including Brisbane Airtrain, Ergon and Subway have been at the forefront of Sprout’s research revolution, which goes beyond demographics and psychographics, to expose true human motivations, upping business growth and creating great customer experiences.

With a reputation for thought-leadership spanning 17 years, Sprout’s rebrand was triggered when CEO, Elisa Adams, found herself the only Aussie amongst 150 international researchers at the Non Conscious Impact Measurement Forum (NIMF) in New York late last year.

Sprout has long led the charge in Australia and New Zealand to use behavioural science for business advantage in the new brand world, where social networking, omni-channel marketing and digital disruption have  radically changed consumer relationships.

“It’s what  first motivated us to bring tools like MindSight back from the US in 2013, and why I presented on non-conscious measurement at the first Insight Innovation Exchange (IIEX) in Sydney last December,” Elisa,  a passionate advocate of behavioural science, explained. “But after New York, a light really went on.”

Traditional research techniques alone focus on System 2, our conscious, rational responses, she points out.

“But we all know that decisions are driven by System 1, the things that people can’t or won’t say. At Sprout, we’re measuring the two together, using first-to-market, new techniques to delve deeper and unlock non-conscious insights,” she revealed.

“The really exciting thing is that for the first time, understanding System 1 is really scaleable, using these new tools. It means we can get to the holy grail of what really drives behaviour, people’s true motivations or what we call ‘the human truth’.”


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