Spotify Shakes Up Podcast Advertising With Call-To-Action Cards

Spotify Shakes Up Podcast Advertising With Call-To-Action Cards

Spotify has modernised its digital audio advertising to drive growth for creators and publishers while delivering impact for advertisers.

The companies push for interactivity has maybe opened a passage to the next great audio frontier.

Call-to-action (CTA) cards will now appear in the app as soon as a podcast ad begins playing and will resurface later on while you’re exploring the Spotify app.

This will make it easier to check out the advertiser’s brand, product or service you heard while listening.

Previously, you were forced to remember promo codes or URL’s in a process that was far from seamless.

Oppositely, CTA cards make it easier to directly discover products and services you’re interested in without having hard-to-remember promo codes.

This transformation has changed the format of podcast advertising from something that can only be heard into an experience you can also see and click.

Moreover, this new advertising experience is the first-time podcasting has been made interactive.

Spotify’s adaptation in the space is crucial as podcast growth has seen tremendous worldwide growth.

In part due to its multitasking-friendly format and engaging content, digital audio consumption is now outpacing time spent on social media, video and gaming per eMarketer findings.

For now, CTA cards will only be available in select Spotify Original and Exclusive podcasts in the U.S.

However, a global rollout is highly likely as tests have shown twice as many site visits with these new clickable ads compared to non-clickable podcast ads of the past.

This new development at Spotify should be a mouth-watering opportunity for advertisers utilising the biggest player in the music streaming space.

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