Spotify Helps You Find Your Star Wars Soul Mate

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Spotify has become the latest in a long line of brands to piggyback off Star Wars: The Force Awakens by giving music fans the chance to discover their Star Wars musical match.

Spotify is giving users the chance to see which character, new or old, has the same taste in music as you. The site analyses listening data and assigns users a character based on their most visited artists. 

According to the Spotify playlist Chewbacca is a big fan of the 80s, Stormtroopers love Guns N’ Roses and Padme Amidala loves Destiny’s Child.

Spotify isn’t the first service to offer Star Wars themed marketing tie-ins. Google teamed up with Disney, allowing you to side with the light or dark side of the force. Adidas have teamed up with Disney to create a unique line of Star Wars inspired trainers. Kraft has released a Star Wars themes line of macaroni and cheese. Cover Girl Cosmetics has recently released a Star Wars themes makeup line. The list goes on. 

Click here to find out which character you matched with. Once you have your match, share your Star Wars character with the world across Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

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