Spotify Debuts ‘Wrapped’ Dedicated To Advertisers

Spotify Debuts ‘Wrapped’ Dedicated To Advertisers
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Spotify has launched a version of its year-end summary, Wrapped, tailored specifically to the advertising community.

The experience, Spotify 2020 Wrapped for Advertisers, which was launched on Tuesday, showcases audience insights both globally and across markets, including the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany.

Developed in partnership with experience design and digital marketing agency Huge, Wrapped for Advertisers goes beyond “sharing interesting titbits” about how different demographics streamed on Spotify.

Spotify said best practices about how to intelligently and creatively leverage the intimacy of audio to reach these users as they stream are weaved throughout.

Among the key insights of the inaugural Wrapped for Advertisers were that:

  1. Globally, total unique listeners of News and Politics podcasts increased by more than 140 per cent YOY. Time spent listening via Smart Speakers increased by more than 60 per cent YOY and Gaming Console listening rose by more than 50 per cent YOY.
  2. In Australia, of the top 50 music genres for each of the 12 demographics Spotify analysed, Aussie Dads were more likely to listen to Antiviral Pop compared to Aussie Mums who were more likely to listen to Social Media Pop. Gen Z on the other hand preferred Emo Rap, with Millennials opting to lean into White Noise.
  3. The top podcasts for the 35 and Up crowd in Australia includes ‘From the Newsroom’, ‘The Quicky News Update’, ‘Squiz Today’, ‘The Beetoota Advocate’ and ‘7am’.

Furthermore, of the top 50 artists on Spotify, the artists that are most unique to the following demographics in Australia are (listed in ranked order 1–5):

  • Gamers: BTS, XXXTENTACION, Lil Uzi Vert, Juice WRLD, NF
  • Foodies: BTS, One Direction, Tones and I, Shawn Mendes, XXXTENTACION
  • Fitness enthusiasts: BTS, One Direction, XXXTENTACION, Lil Uzi Vert, NF
  • New parents: Melanie Martinez, BTS, Summer Walker, Glee Cast, One Direction
  • Tastemakers: Elton John, 5 Seconds of Summer, Whitney Houston, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga.

Spotify said that as it continues to invest in its growing advertising business, this experience will highlight the platform’s first-party data and insights about the listening behaviour of its 320 million users, alongside learnings from the second annual Culture Next Trends Report.

For the first time, after advertisers explore their own music and listening behaviour this year, they’ll be able to dive into how the audiences that matter most to their businesses—Moms, Dads, New Parents, Gen Z, Millennials, 35+, Fitness Enthusiasts, Health Conscious, Foodies, Gamers, Tech Early Adopters, and Tastemakers—streamed during this remarkable year.


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