Sportsbet Busted Sponsoring Nick Kyrgios’ Brother From The Stands

Sportsbet Busted Sponsoring Nick Kyrgios’ Brother From The Stands

Controversial online gambling site Sportsbet is again under fire after Nick Kyrgios’ brother was spotted wearing a T-shirt with the brand’s logo as he watched on from the stands at the Australian Open.

Christos Kyrgios has been labelled a “human billboard” after he was seen wearing a Sportsbet T-shirt with the words “chill bro” following his brother’s win on Wednesday evening.

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For its part, Sportsbet has admitted that it did indeed pay the 29-year-old Christos to wear the garment, however, it has not revealed how much.

A spokesperson for the brand telling The Daily Mail: “We’re committed to maintaining a positive image and supporting the sport of tennis by paying our partnership fees, and we will continue to do so in the future.”

But not everyone’s happy with the move, some taking to social media to register their displeasure. “As if we don’t see enough gambling advertisements, we now have Nick Kyrgios’ brother acting as a human billboard in the player’s box. Standing up for the cameras. Are you serious Australian Open?” wrote one. While another added: “‘Christos Kyrgios is acting as a walking, talking ad for Sportsbet Australia.”

Kyrgios (the tennis player) returns to the court tonight to face Frenchmen Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, although it’s not clear if Christos and his T-shirt will return for another airing.

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