Sports Retailer Unveils Super-Trippy (And Super-Quick) ‘Exerhighs’ Campaign

Sports Retailer Unveils Super-Trippy (And Super-Quick) ‘Exerhighs’ Campaign

Swedish sportswear brand Björn Borg has unveiled a series of new ads that are as quirky as they are quick.

In this era of all things digital and skippable, the brand is showing the way on how creatives can create engaging, memorable and watchable content.

The campaign is the work of Stockholm agency Nord DDB and includes four variations all playing on theme of this is what happens to your brain when you exercise under the tag ‘Chase the Exerhighs’.

Commenting on the campaign, Nord DDB’s chief creative officer, Andreas Dahlqvist, said: “It takes guts to do things differently and fight the giants.

“We have chosen to move Björn Borg’s brand to the breakpoint between fashion and sport. ‘Chase the Exerhighs’ takes off just right there, and takes us on a real trip.” Check ’em out below with the sound up loud.


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