Spinifex Showcases Air Force Of Tomorrow With 360-Degree Dome Projections

Spinifex Showcases Air Force Of Tomorrow With 360-Degree Dome Projections

Spinifex has created two immersive activations using ground-breaking large scale 360-degree dome projections for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and House of Kitch Communications.

The experience took visitors to Avalon 2019 on a journey into the future of the Air Force.

The brief was to create two exhibits for Avalon 2019 – Australian International Airshow – by showcasing the technology shaping the RAAF of tomorrow.

The first installation, the Jasper Dome, involved transforming a 16×9 animated film into a large-scale, multi-user experience within a 15m dome.

Spinifex leveraged the award-winning animation developed by Animal Logic Academy in collaboration with RAAF’s Plan Jericho to bring the story of Jasper and her dream to fly to life.

The dome was designed to inspire children with aviation and other STEM careers.

Spinifex created the content to be experienced in real time, so Jasper could interact with her live audience.

The second exhibit, the 5th Gen Edge Experience, delivered storytelling through a 360 projection within an 8m dome to demonstrate the power of RAAF’s transformation into a fifth-generation Air Force.

Plan Jericho group captain Jerome Reid said: “We needed to engage the audience on an emotional level and that’s where the idea of the immersive dome projections came from.

“I’ve had a long military career, I have never seen anything like this”.

Spinifex APAC managing director Tracey Taylor added: “Immersive domes with internal projections have never been done on this scale before in Australia.

“This made the domes a compelling attraction at the Avalon Airshow, providing Defence Force VIPs, internal audiences, government officials and the public with a very different viewpoint of the future of the RAAF”.

The activations made complex concepts accessible to visitors, according to strategic communications consultancy House of Kitch communications founder Samara Kitchener.

She said: “Part of Plan Jericho’s vision is about inspiring a whole new generation of talent to be part of creating Australia’s aerospace future, and inspiring our existing talent to push the edges of the fifth-generation force”.

Kitchener added: “By stretching the boundaries of creativity and technology with these immersive domes, we are able to use ‘storytelling on steroids’ to convey concepts that would otherwise be very difficult to communicate”.

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