Spew! TV Reporter Suffers Bout Of Morning Sickness During Live Cross

Spew! TV Reporter Suffers Bout Of Morning Sickness During Live Cross

The announcement of any pregnancy is undoubtedly a joyous affair and NBC reporter Julia Ainsley made it even more memorable after having a cheeky chunder live to air brought on by a bout of morning sickness.

Ainsley was part of a live cross reporting on the latest dramas engulfing president Trump when she can be seen gagging before discretely exiting the shot for a pregnancy announcing vomit.

Check out all the action below (that’s Ainsely top left):

The TV journo later revealed that the incident was caused by morning sickness and used the opportunity to announce that she was indeed pregnant via a tweet.

And, mercifully, social media was overwhelmingly compassionate to the TV reporter’s plight. Check out some of the comments below:

Women are badasses! Go to work even tho they’re about to hurl any minute! Congratulations Julia, it’ll get easier!

Congratulations. We women are made of strength and struggles, we make a way out of no way!!

Can’t wait for her to see this someday & to read & see all the great work her mom did reporting on the worst president in history. You are one of the best! Congrats.

Baby girl doesn’t like being subjected to Trump talk! Smart kid! Congratulations!

That is hysterical!!! I had the worst morning sickness on earth, I can definitely relate!! Congratulations, it’s awful but well worth the yuck!!!

That’s hilarious, because it seems like a lot of the time a kid camera bombs behind you, this time it’s an inside job.


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  • Alasdair M. Hirst 9 months ago

    Only the Nevasic app stops 99% of all instances of pregnacy sickness including hyperemesis gravidarum. She should have invested!!

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