Special Group & Nakatomi Create App To Make Award Shows A Little More Exciting For Everyone

Special Group & Nakatomi Create App To Make Award Shows A Little More Exciting For Everyone

Award shows are filled with glitz, glamour and celebration. However, audiences often find themselves tuning out after their nominated categories have passed, when ideally they’d stay engaged throughout the entire evening.

To solve this, and to make sure even people who aren’t there on the night can still be part of the fun, Special Group and Nakatomi have teamed up to launch Tipsy, a free event-based tipping app that lets you pick winners in each award category for the chance to win cash prizes.

Users enter their selections at the start of the night, then follow the results throughout via a live leaderboard.

The app debuted at last Friday’s B&T Awards, where CHE Proximity chief executive Chris Howatson correctly tipped 17 of the night’s 35 categories, winning the $1,000 cash prize sponsored by Uber Eats.

Tipsy at the B&T Awards 2018 [1]

“Even when you don’t win an award, Tipsy means you can. It made the whole night a lot of fun!” Howatson said.

Cade Heyde, managing partner at Special Group, said: “We were really stoked that Tipsy was such a hit on debut at the B&T Awards. It’s a bit of fun and a great companion app, gamifying any live event – award shows, broadcasts and more.”

Tipsy is now available for all future live events and award shows, beyond just the advertising industry. Those interested in having Tipsy active at their event or award show can contact cheers@tipsyapp.com.au. Download the app now here.


Agency: Special Group

Executive creative directors: Tom Martin and Julian Schreiber

Creative directors: Jack Nunn and Nils Eberhardt

CEO: Lindsey Evans

Managing partner: Cade Heyde

Account manager: Steph Wilkinson

Digital producer: Sharon Gray

Senior digital creative: Jesse McLallen

Designer: Frank Thiruchelvam

Production partner: Nakatomi

Co-founder: Emad Tahtouh

Creative director: Andrew Timms

Interactive team lead: Benjamin Bray

App developer: Tom Bremner


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