Something’s Gotta Give For Millennials, Says UnLtd GM

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

To kick off our prep work for the Global Youth Summit, the ITU hosted special one-day MILLENNIALS JAM WORKSHOP at its ICT Discover Center, with an exclusive and select group of 40 entrepreneurial young people. The objective of this unique one-day event is to crowd-source a more detailed framework for the Summit where approximately 25,000 young people will input their ideas for the post-2015 global development agenda.

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UnLtd general manager Carol Morris reckons millennials won’t just settle for any old job, and has the hot tips on how to create a workplace this generation will value.

We have millennials to thank for the emphasis on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and workplace programs across our industry right now.

As a result of the demands of this generation, more companies are investing in causes that matter than ever before.


Carol Morris, UnLTD GM

Carol Morris, UnLTD GM

The annual Media-i Survey consistently tells us that this demographic has the greatest desire for our industry to do more to give back, with 88 per cent believing we should be doing more to undo social issues in Australia.

And a recent study in the USA reveals that a whopping 70 per cent of millennials* say that a company’s commitment to social change would influence their decision to work there.

So, here are six ways we’re creating that sense of job fulfillment that millennials crave – whilst also generating hugely impactful corporate social programs for our charities:

1. Appoint a social committee

And by that, I mean engage ambassadors with strong internal networks. The social aspect is the part that gets people away from their workstations and gets people together and engaged. People will come back time and time again if they have fun. Creating social events that people want to be at – that’s how positive connections are made.

2. Think outside the box

Of course things like bake sales, sausage sizzles, trivia nights and movie nights work wonders for raising some cash in a fun way but we are an industry full of strategic brilliance – so – really leverage the talent within your organisation and come up with some truly kick arse innovative ideas.

3. Rethink “volunteering”

Volunteer time off days are a growing trend, but in many cases, the volunteering opportunities need to be manufactured by charities to accommodate corporates looking for a fun day out of the office.

Some of the most impactful volunteering days we’ve built around a skills exchange – employees take the day off and get under the hood of a charity’s marketing challenges – and use the day as a hackathon type event to actively create impactful fundraising ideas, and solve business issues.

4. Give them a way to give

Of the 84 per cent of millennials who made charitable donations in 2014, only 22 per cent said their donations were solicited through the workplace (according to Millenial Magazine).

As we rollout workplace giving across the industry we’re seeing some companies adopt an ‘opt out’ model. It’s part of new employee induction kits – donating a percentage of your income pre-tax has become part of the organisational culture.

5. Gamify it

Incentives and competitions are great motivators. 43 per cent of millennials said they would be more likely to give if a competition was involved. Inter-department rivalry keeps things lively and fun and brings a different energy to fundraising and volunteering.

6. Celebrate good times

Millennials want to see proof of positive change. Progress made in terms of both dollar amounts and human impacts like “x number of nights accommodation and meals for a young person living on the streets”, or “we just funded a term of tutoring for a child orphaned due to their parents’ illegal drug abuse” really resonates and generates a sense of connection to the cause.

A strong employee-focused CSR program can materially impact employee engagement and appreciation for the company, and consequently – a huge number of young lives.

For millenials, really all they need is an avenue to give, and the workplace is the most logical way to create a social impact that has true value for all sides of the CSR equation.

* Nielsen, Millenials Breaking the Myths, 2014:
**2015 Millennial Impact Report:

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