Some 95% Of Aussie Marketers Don’t Have A Unified Customer View

Some 95% Of Aussie Marketers Don’t Have A Unified Customer View

More than three quarters of marketers believe it’s crucial to have a single view of their customer, however they don’t practice what they preach with only 5% actually having that view.

The findings come from a report by cross-channel marketing company, Signal, who surveyed nearly 200 Aussie marketers.

Yes, most marketers know they need to have a single view of the customer, many blame the fragmentation of audience and customer profiles for not being able to achieve this as easily.

“In today’s connected world, cross-channel identity is the make-or-break requirement for marketing success. But while consumers are always on, marketers are not able to connect the dots and create the seamless experiences consumers demand.  The research shows that identifying customers as they move from desktop to mobile to purchasing and beyond is currently a nearly impossible task for most marketers,” said Warren Billington, Signal’s managing director, APAC.

“Truly knowing customers is the marketing challenge of our time. There are steep obstacles including organisational silos and technology complexity, but the solutions to create a unified customer view do exist to empower marketers with clean, matched customer profiles that they can control and use however they want, wherever they choose to create impactful, relevant experiences,” he added.

Some of the key findings of the report include:

  1. Creating a panoramic customer view is integral to business success. Understanding customer behaviour across channels, engaging customers across channels, and retaining customers and building loyalty are reported as the top three business benefits of a single customer view.
  2. The downsides of not having a single customer view are impactful. 66 percent of respondents state that fragmented data leads to incomplete marketing measurement while 60 percent report it hinders the ability to personalise customer experiences. 44 percent also state that they can’t understand the customer journey with incomplete data, and 20 percent say it causes inefficient media buying.
  3. Gathering and matching data are top challenges. 60 percent of marketers are unable to merge customer profile fragments as data becomes available, and 59 percent can’t collect and connect data across channels.
  4. Current marketing solutions aren’t helping marketers address these challenges, with 79 percent of respondents reporting gaps in the data capabilities or effectiveness of their chosen solution. Only five percent of respondents say their tools are doing a good job in helping them develop a unified view.
  5. Marketers struggle to collect and connect data from many of the most popular consumer touch points, both digital and offline. Only 30 percent of marketers are able to collect and integrate mobile app data, and just over half can collect and integrate data from their CRM systems.  Just 36 percent of marketers are able to collect and connect ad impression data, and only 29 percent can do so with Point of Sale (POS) data.


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