Softball Rolls Out Passbook and Samsung Wallet

Softball Rolls Out Passbook and Samsung Wallet

Softball Campbelltown Inc. is following in the steps of Major League Baseball in a push toward digital communications by adding Passbook and Samsung Wallet capabilities to its membership base, improving team and player management capabilities.

“We are using all the features of Passbook and Samsung Wallet right down to time and location based push notifications. An initial closed pilot allowed us to test features such and weather updates, ground conditions, time changes and in effect live news feeds to members, players and support staff,” said Selwyn Williams, Chairman of Softball Campbelltown.

The solution takes advantage of DC4G’s capability to deploy iOS and Android based mobile wallet solutions from a single interface. The platform allows Softball Campbelltown to deliver mobile messages in a timely and meaningful manner from a single dashboard interface.

“We are working with a number of major sporting organisations showcasing how they can effectively take advantage of native mobile wallets. From player management and ticketing all the way through to sponsor benefits and game day deals” said George Kaloudis, DC4G Pty Ltd, Co-Founder and CEO.

Softball Campbelltown is staying ahead of the tech curve trying the next generation of player and fan engagement, with a large portion of its membership having grown up with ubiquitous Internet access.

“A lot of our members and fans are looking at mobile to enhance their experience and interaction with their team and our association. So we needed something ubiquitous, easy to use and cool enough for all various types of our users,” said Selwyn Williams.

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