How is your Social Strategy Affected By Digital Video Trends?

How is your Social Strategy Affected By Digital Video Trends?

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With brands growing increasingly transparent, digital video trends are following suit and showing you what they see.


Until recently, the use of video in marketing was largely dictated by budget.

With the advent of social channels like Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat, however, digital video trends have shifted—now, brands now have the ability to shoot, edit, and distribute video on low budgets with minimal effort when compared to professional video content. But what benefits can you reap by adding social video to your marketing?

In Ann Handley’s recent blog post, she praises the “scrappy video” for its position at the intersection of usability and relatability. As most content marketers can attest, the majority of successful content sits comfortably in this spot. So does social video.

Social videos allow brands to demonstrate their value and benefits while expressing their brand personalities. And due to the nature of social video, each video seems real—even if it may have been staged. With editing kept in check and film length limited, brands are held to the same standards as the general user base, making them seem like part of the group. As an audience member, your viewpoint is synonymous with a given brand’s, since often the brand’s video is shot with someone’s smartphone.

Red Bull mastered the stunt video long ago, but its Vine page sheds light on who Red Bull is from its own vantage point. Red Bull uses social video to show you the moments between the big stunts they may already be filming for a short. These behind-the-scenes videos bring you into the fold of Red Bull’s exclusive team—especially when they strap a smartphone on one of their athlete’s helmets and take you for a few spins.

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