Social Media And Mobile Spending Top The Marketers Wish List: Salesforce Study

Social Media And Mobile Spending Top The Marketers Wish List: Salesforce Study

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Content marketing is most effective. Social media and mobile are definitely on the way up.


Content marketing is the most effective tactic, while social media and mobile will attract a growing share of marketing budgets this year. And those budgets themselves are on the rise, according to a new report from

Called The 2015 State of Marketing, the study surveyed 5000 marketers around the world.

According to the report, “On average, 84 per cent of respondents plan to increase or maintain their spend on marketing activities and technology in 2015. Marketers in the US plan to increase or maintain spend at the lowest rate of countries and regions surveyed (80 per cent). The top spenders are Canadian and Brazilian marketers: 96 per cent plan to increase or maintain their spend.”

Australian marketers sit squarely in the middle with 85 per cent saying they will increase or maintain their spend.

And almost 40 per cent say they will shift resources from traditional mass media advertising to digital advertising.

Not surprisingly, revenue growth was identified as the most important measure of success.

According to the authors, “Revenue growth will continue be the primary success metric that marketers use in 2015, while customer satisfaction is a close second: 30 per cent of marketers say that customer satisfaction is one of their top metrics.”

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