Snickers’ Pantless ‘First Visitors’ Spot Ranked Funniest US Ad Of The Year

Snickers’ Pantless ‘First Visitors’ Spot Ranked Funniest US Ad Of The Year
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US-based Ad-scoring firm Ace Metrix has rounded out 2020 by ranking America’s best commercials for the year, with Snickers claiming the mantle for funniest ad of the year.

According to a panel of consumers convened by Ace Metrix—a California-based analytics company that scores video advertising—Snickers’ 15-second ‘First Visitors’ spot was the year’s funniest ad.

The short spot, created by BBDO New York and aired in August, is a riff on Zoom meetings and ranked ahead of Cheetos’ Super Bowl 54 ad ‘Can’t Touch This’, and Match’s hilarious ‘Match Made in Hell’.


According to Ace Metrix, rankings were determined by the firm’s ‘Funny’ metric, which quantifies the level of humour in ads based on viewer verbatim comments using NLP and machine learning techniques.

Early on in 2020, the state of humour in the Super Bowl rebounded. In fact, five of the year’s funniest ads were from game day, bucking a downward Big Game trend, Ace Metrix said.

Once the coronavirus pandemic hit, however, brands shied away from riskier, humorous creative work, and focused instead on empowering ads.

As a result, Ace Metrix measured a drop in funny ads, saying it was unsure if it would ever reach those previous levels of humour—until Snickers came along and shattered expectations.

The brand’s riff on Zoom meetings scored into the ‘Rare band of Funny signal’, an impressive feat achieved by just 0.12 per cent of all ads.

Although humour didn’t make a full bounce back—20 per cent of all ads fired on Funny in 2020 versus 25 per cent in 2019—the year ended on a high note with two of the funniest ads breaking in the last two months (from Greenies and Match).

You can check-out the top 10 rankings, in full, below.

The Funniest Ads Of 2020

Snickers: First Visitors (9)

Cheetos: Can’t Touch This (8.4)

Match: Match Made in Hell (8.2)

Little Caesars: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread (8.1)

Doritos: The Cool Ranch (8)

Greenies: Better Treat (7.9)

Michelob Ultra: Jimmy Works It Out (7.5)

Reese’s: Rock (7.5)

Wonderful Pistachios: Say No (7.5)

Twix: In Case of Emergency (7.5)

Featured image source: YouTube/Ace Metrix

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