Snapchat Introduces Dynamic Ads

Snapchat Introduces Dynamic Ads

Snapchat has a new offering for advertisers, unveiling Dynamic Ads.

Designed to personalise ads automatically, Dynamic Ads allow advertisers to choose from specially designed templates, reducing the need to manually create ads.

“Successful brands tapping into the buying power of Millennials and Gen Z know that putting these generations’ values at the forefront of their business strategy is key,” Snapchat said in a statement.

“Growing up in a mobile first world, they value convenience, authenticity and creativity in the products and services they buy.

“This is why Dynamic Ads are a powerful solution: a simple way to create mobile ads at scale, while preserving the identity of a brand’s products through appealing mobile-native templates.”

Sunglasses company Shady Rays has reported a 66 per cent decrease in Cost Per Purchase since using Dynamic Ads and a 286 per cent increase in ROAS, while online fashion boutique Princess Polly saw a 66 per cent decrease in Cost Per Purchase and a 171 per cent increase in ROAS.

Snapchat added that users have the option to opt-out of ad customisation if they so choose.

The offering will be in open beta in the US for the coming weeks, before rolling it out globally in the next few months.

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