Snapchat Begins Testing Brand Profiles

Snapchat Begins Testing Brand Profiles

Snap has launched a closed beta for Snapchat Brand Profiles as a way for brands to find a permanent home on the platform.

It follows on from Snapchat ‘Public Profiles, which were launched last year to give Creators and Shows a unique identity and home for permanent content.

Brand Profiles offer a permanent home for brands on Snapchat, built around their unique investments in the app – starting with AR Lenses, native commerce stores, and content highlights.

Brand Profiles bring these various brand experiences for Snapchatters together into a single home on our service. This real estate for Snap’s partners is especially important in a world where audience is harder to reach on a brand’s own website or app.

“Our Brand Profiles beta introduces new ways for Snapchatters to discover and engage with top brands. We’re building toward a future where the Snapchat community can engage with businesses of all sizes across the variety of products on our service,” said Snap Inc general manager, ANZ, SEA & HK Kathryn Carter.

For launch, Snap has partnered with roughly 30 of the world’s leading brands (like Dior, Target, and Universal) – to extend the value of the unique experiences they’ve built for Snapchatters, tying them together in a cohesive way in a permanent place.

In the future, Brand Profiles will continue to grow into a container for more brand experiences across the Snapchat platform.

The Brand Profiles will also provide businesses with new insights through Snap’s Business Manager allow brands to learn about their customers, Millennial and Gen Z are developing their lifelong brand perceptions, preferences and loyalty. Similar to Public Profiles, brands can now see audience demographics and interests for those who view their Stories.

Brand Profiles will also incentivise deeper investment in Snapchat platforms, like AR. Instead of disappearing, content and experiences can live in perpetuity after a campaign – ready to be redeployed, or simply played with later on.

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