Sleeping on the job

Sleeping on the job

Last year, a B&T survey revealed that a work-life balance is elusive to almost half of adland employees.

Now, a new piece of transformable furniture is threatening to blur the line between ‘work’ and ‘life’ even further.

Furniture designer Mira Schroder has come up with a desk that flips upside down to become a single bed.

A poll run by B&T in May 2013 found that 41% of almost 500 respondents believe their employer’s main concern is getting the work done, no matter the hours.

If an employer does encourage balance, 30% still said their office culture does not allow it.

At the time, Margaret Zabel, CEO of the Communications Council, said: “Unfortunately it does not come as a surprise to hear many are struggling to achieve a work-life balance in today’s agencies.”

She added that, whilst the nature of the industry has always required flexible working hours, this has increased in recent years due to mounting pressures such as reduced budgets and the rapid rise of digital. 

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