"> Sleazy TV Host Flashes Co-Host's Bra Live To Air

Sleazy TV Host Flashes Co-Host’s Bra Live To Air

Sleazy TV Host Flashes Co-Host’s Bra Live To Air

A Portuguese TV host is in hot water after intentionally flashing his colleague’s bra live on air.

The whole thing started badly when host of the afternoon variety show Há Tarde, Herman José Levanta, started rubbing his co-host, Vanessa Oliveira’s, back before lifting her blouse and revealing her bra.

Check out Levanta’s sleazy display below:

Although Oliveira, a former model, attempts to laugh off the vile Levanta’s advances she is clearly left distressed. The incident happened at the end of the program, as the credits roll, and Levanta is seen laughing at his despicable exploits.

It’s unclear if Levanta has faced any action from his bosses; however, it’s not the first time he’s has found himself in strife. In 2003, he was accused of child sex offences but was later cleared.

This isn’t the first time a European TV presenter has touched women without their consent. Last month, a French gameshow presenter kissed a 21-year-old model’s breast without her permission.

The model called Soraya was participating in a segment where she recreated the robbery of Kim Kardashian-West in Paris, she was then ‘rescued’ by panellist Jean-Michel Maire.

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