Sizmek Launches New Programmatic Creative Offering

Sizmek Launches New Programmatic Creative Offering

Sizmek today announced the release of full and self-serve programmatic creative, including rich media and dynamic creative, enabling rapid, easy build out and delivery through DSPs and trading desks.

Ideal for advertisers, publishers, ad networks, trading desks and media agencies, Sizmek Programmatic Creative utilises best-in-class dynamic creative technology to take the guesswork out of complicated data strategies and enable fast deployment of personalized creative across all channels.

The new suite also includes solutions to streamline workflow, centralise data, visualise campaign strategy and to collaborate with media and brand teams to deliver relevant, on-target and data driven creative. Additionally, the suite’s authoring tool and templates are designed for fast campaign roll-out of dynamic and rich media that are affordable and move at the speed of programmatic.

“It has never been more possible to roll-out highly efficient and highly optimized digital ad campaigns at scale. One of the big challenges that remains is scaling creative in a programmatic environment,” said Mike Molnar, managing partner, Glow.

“It’s clear that Sizmek is a leader in the movement of custom, dynamic creative at scale. Today’s introduction of its data-driven programmatic creative suite will further empower our clients to reach the right person, at the right time and with the most compelling creative.”

The first component of a powerful new full and self-serve offerings, Rich Media for Programmatic Creative bundles creative, audience and media expertise to deliver performance-driven campaigns. As part of this offering, Sizmek has designed a selection of templates, including rich media, dynamic creative and targeting strategies for rapid deployment.

Additionally, the new solution delivers targeted, massive omni-channel reach, dynamic creative, rich media full serve production, ad serving, and Peer39 pre-bid targeting for safety, quality, and content.  Sizmek will be introducing additional new features into its Programmatic Creative offering in the near future.

“Programmatic buying has clearly reached an inflection point in the marketplace,” said Tim Bagwell, senior vice president at Xaxis Ad Labs.

“Digital marketers are shifting budgets from traditional to programmatic because it creates buying efficiencies and more effectively targets brand audiences. Unfortunately many brands have missed the opportunity to combine programmatic buying with programmatic creative.

“This miss is due to to the limited creative tools in the ecosystem that put programmatic creative at the reach of digital creatives. Today’s launch by Sizmek is a big step forward in filling that gap.”

For publisher use cases, Sizmek’s solutions extend audiences using creative from direct buys or from private marketplaces and gain additional capabilities.  For those publishers with limited creative resources or creative teams unequipped to deploy creative for the programmatic ecosystem, Sizmek provides the ability to compete.

“Sizmek is already uniquely positioned, based on deep heritage as the industry leader in rich media and high impact creative units, to help marketers and publishers deliver programmatic advertising across every digital channel with speed, global scale, and without compromising creative scope,” said Neil Nguyen, CEO at Sizmek.

“Today’s launch reflects our strategic view that bringing scaled programmatic and creative solutions to the market is essential in helping clients and partners drive the right outcomes.  By enabling true data driven, high impact creative in a fully automated manner, we can help marketers and their agency partners create authentic, compelling storytelling.”


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