Six Ways To Make Money Out Of Your Side-Hustle

Six Ways To Make Money Out Of Your Side-Hustle

In this guest post, Mike Rosenbaum (pictured below), founder of The Sharing Hub, offers his tips on turning your spare time (and potential) into a nice little side-earner…

If you’re looking at your bank account thinking it might be time to finesse your finances, and seriously up your game when it comes to saving, then read on. In the past, many of us would be stuck in a job with little outside earning potential, however, thanks to technology, things are drastically changing with the rise of the side hustle.


According to recent research, 80 per cent of Australians are looking outside of their day job to increase career fulfillment and one in four are engaging with online sharing economy platforms to not only pursue their passions, but create a side business to earn extra income alongside their salaried career.

From converting your free space into some much needed cash, to turning your campervan into a money making machine, there are ample ways in which you can increase your income, and buy those shoes you’ve been lusting over. For those looking for inspiration, here are tops ways you can make money out of your side hustle or hobby:

  1. Help travellers with your camper 

Why not turn your idle campervan into a money making machine this year thanks to online platforms like Camplify. If you have an RV, caravan or motorhome, you can rent it out via Camplify to trusted borrowers for an extra income. During the summer season you can expect to make anything between $280 – $2,100 a week depending on your vehicle. It’s so profitable that some people are becoming ‘super hosts’, by getting a fleet of caravans together to rent out and turning it into a full time job!

  1. Set tails a-wagging!

If – like most Australians – you love nothing more than hanging out with four-legged friends, Mad Paws, Australia’s largest pet sharing network, might be just what you’re looking for. An online platform which connects pet owners with caring pet sitters to mind their canine companion or feline friend whilst on holiday or at work – sitters can make on average $150 a week, going up to $300 in peak season, making this a dream side hustle for pet lovers.

  1. Deliver parcels instead of people 

Have you ever thought about upping your income by offering courier services in your spare time? By signing up as a courier with Zoom2u, it’s a similar concept to both Taxify and Uber, however instead of transporting people, you’ll be riding alongside parcels. Flexibility is a key bonus to this job – though being able to work after hours ensures you’re in higher demand than most. An easy and efficient way to supplement your monthly revenue, you can earn anything from $400 to $2000 a week with Zoom2u.

  1. Convert your free space into cash

While renting out a room is no new concept, what’s becoming hugely popular is renting out spare space like an unused garage, attic, car parking space or shed as storage. The Airbnb for space, Spacer, connects Hosts (those who have space) to Renters (those who need space) in their neighbourhood. During summer, the demand is at its peak, as many among us are moving and renovating – not to mention in need of a shaded car parking space. What ever you have on offer, you can expect to make anything from $150 to $350 per space – a wonderfully easy way to up your income game.

  1. Become a home cook for locals

FoodByUs, allows Australia’s talented home cooks to sell food to their local neighbours. This means that if you like to cook, bake and create, you can turn your passion for cooking into an income. The average FoodByUs maker earns around $50 an hour and with high demand they have seen some makers earn $500 a week off their culinary skills. Locals either collect their food, or you drop it to their door or get it delivered with FoodByUs’ delivery drivers.

  1. Create your own side-hustle

If you’re a budding entrepreneur with an idea for a business but need an online presence, look no further than GoDaddy. Perfect for both the amateurs among us and the experienced alike, they have a free customisable website builder that takes less than an hour to build, and different payment options depending on the level of service you need – from website hosting to email marketing and beyond. There’s no need to hire an expensive web designer with tools like GoDaddy around – simply head to their website and begin building your dream website today.


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