Sir Martin Sorrell To Be A Father Again At 71

Sir Martin Sorrell To Be A Father Again At 71

Following on the heels of this week’s news the 72-year-old Mick Jagger has sired his eighth child with his 29-year old girlfriend comes news that the advertising world’s biggest wig  – WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell – is expecting a child at 71.

UK’s The Daily Mail is reporting that Sir Martin is having his first child with wife Cristiana Falcone who he married in 2008 and is 30 years his junior.

“We are both delighted,” Sir Martin said of the pregnancy. He already has three adult children from his previous marriage.

In fact, Sir Martin is in Australia as we speak. And although he declined B&T’s offer of an interview he did speak with The Australian’s Darren Davidson.

In the interview he talked about the impact of Brexit and the ongoing fallout from the probe into into advertising agency transparency in the US.

On Brexit he said: “We saw some uncertainty before the vote, and we’re certainly seeing a sharp impact post. Confidence has clearly been knocked both at a corporate and consumer level. Decisions are being postponed.”

While on the issue of agency transparency in the US, Sir Martin continued his attack on Ebiquity/FirmDecisions, the auditors behind it.

“Ebiquity is in the business of generating audits and it’s recommending further audits. People talk about conflict of interest. If ever there was a conflict of interest it must be the position of Ebiquity recommending audits — being an auditor.

“I question the quality of their audits in comparison to big four audits,” he told The Oz.


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