Once Again Singapore Showe The Way In New Oddball COVID PSA

Once Again Singapore Showe The Way In New Oddball COVID PSA

Singapore has made headlines across the world in recent weeks after announcing a dramatic shift in how it will approach the spread and control of COVID-19.

Accepting that the disease will never truly ‘go away’, Singapore’s government believes “we can turn the pandemic into something much less threatening, like influenza, hand, foot and mouth disease, or chickenpox, and get on with our lives”.

The government has even gone so far as to say it will change how it reports on COVID, with the emphasis now on wider trends and severe cases.

The new strategy has made such an impact, that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison even referenced it during his national address last Friday.

To get the message out to the public en masse, the Singapore Government has released a catchy campaign underlining the new approach – test, trace, vaccinate.

The ad takes the style of an airline safety video, with an air hostess providing directions and the line “in the likely event of our country’s reopening”.

The ‘Test, Trace, Vaccinate’ campaign is more than a catchy jingle, providing important information on at-home testing kits and contact tracing tools.

It’s not the first time Singapore has come out with a rather catchy PSA about the pandemic.

Earlier this year, the Singapore Government enlisted the talent of comedian Gurmit Singh to help address vaccine complacency and encourage residents to get the jab.



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