Shorty’s Liquor Launches Product Mag

Shorty’s Liquor Launches Product Mag

Sydney-based retailer, Shorty’s Liquor, releases a 100-page glossy magazine for customers, clients, and fans.

The magazine is a proud celebration of the drinks industry and tells the stories behind the products that Shorty’s sell.

Shorty’s Liquor MD David Short said: “While our wines and beers are obviously featured, this is a long way from being just another catalogue.

“Recipes from Donna Hay and Reynold Poernomo, feature-length articles on iconic brands, and fun reflections on the lifestyle of drinks… this is a high-quality publication that we couldn’t be prouder of.

“We’re trying to add value to the lives of customers and fans.

“Pinning the magazine against our other marketing efforts, it’s a phenomenal bang-for-buck.

“No social media campaign or video is going to be as immersive and rewarding as the engaging, educational information we’ve packed into these 100 pages.”

Editor and consultant Robert O’Reilly said he expects that print is making a comeback as part of the marketing mix.

“More and more businesses are becoming frustrated by the temporary nature of social media.

“It’s really, really expensive to get your message across, and there are so many factors you can’t control.

“I think marketing has come full circle because print is offering a way to zig when everyone else is zagging – you get to speak to your audience directly, and it can actually drive traffic to your social media accounts, to your website and online store, through storytelling.”

The challenge, Robert says, is around getting access to quality content, and around distribution.

“Shorty’s were in a fantastic position to pounce on this opportunity as they already have amazing relationships with the biggest brands and names in liquor, meaning it wasn’t difficult to generate world-class content.

“Plus their distribution network was ready to go, because they deliver to almost every major business in Sydney’s CBD.

“Simply dropping a copy of this magazine guarantees one of the most desirable audiences in the country, professionals at almost every top workplace in Sydney, from law firms to insurance, advertising, and catering companies.”

The initial print run is 20,000 copies but a second run is already expected. Shorty’s look to generate at least one or two issues every year and expect the size of the magazine will grow with each edition.

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