Shoppers Rage! Kmart Forced To Pull $6 Child Bride Outfit After Public Backlash

Shoppers Rage! Kmart Forced To Pull $6 Child Bride Outfit After Public Backlash

Kmart has been forced to remove a child bride costume from its shelves after outraged shoppers started a petition.

The children’s bride costume, which was dubbed by protesters as “beyond inappropriate”, included a white wedding gown and headband with a veil.

The costume was available for $6.

Speaking with 7 News, a Kmart Australia spokesperson apologised for the product.

“Kmart Australia regrets the decision to range the bride costume,” the spokesperson said.

“It was not intended to cause offence and we sincerely apologise. We have made the decision to withdraw this product.”

Kmart’s decision to scrap the costume came after a petition garnered 191 signatures.

The petition referenced the 12 million children sold or married off by their families each year, and told Kmart “they have a social responsibility to pull this item off their shelves immediately”.

Despite Kmart succumbing to the outcry, the petition itself also attracted some criticism.

“Dont see the big problem its just a costume,” said one user. “People think way to much on stuff like this. What actually do you do with your time besides starting on places for the things they sell.”

“It’s a costume for gods sake. My daughter has asked MULTIPLE times for a “dress like what mummy had”. It is a dress up and nothing more. It’s inappropriate in your views? Don’t buy it. Bloody SJWs ruining it for everyone. Get over yourself,” said another user.


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