Shop For A Blogger With Catablog

Shop For A Blogger With Catablog

Catablog, a comprehensive online directory of active bloggers in Australia and New Zealand, will allow brands, advertising agencies and PR companies to identify and connect with growing and influential online and social audiences.

Brands, advertising and PR agencies will be able to subscribe and register for access to the Catablog database of blogs, bloggers, social connections, social scores, websites and contact information. It provides an easy measure of the most influential and highest reaching blogs based on social media data.

Website owners and bloggers will be able to register free to expose their sites to an audience of brands and agencies to ensure they keep up with the latest news and information and get the product support their site needs, and check their own blog ranking in relevant categories.

Catablog will allow bloggers to keep their profiles updated and act as a single dashboard of their social network data.  It will also provide them with the ability to reach out to other bloggers and brands via the Catablog noticeboard and allow them to be easily found, spread their opinion and extend their reach.

What makes Catablog unique is that it identifies and qualifies bloggers, is updated daily, does a full audit of bloggers’ social profiles and rates them accordingly. Currently we have close to 2000 qualified blogs in the system across all categories and this is growing daily.

Catablog launches with a ranking system based on social media reach and engagement and will develop over time to include blog monitoring, allowing users to identify who is talking about relevant topics, frequency of posts, previous brand mentions, engagement with their audiences (comments, shares and tweets), relevancy to brand, as well as comparative measures of site traffic and page views.

Catablog has been developed by industry heavy-weights, technology expert and IT media commentator, Trevor Long, journalist and radio producer, Janyne Moore and Prue MacSween, social commentator and Director of PR company, Verve Communications.

“The sole purpose of Catablog is to become the most detailed database of bloggers in the country,” Mr Long said. “Catablog brings thousands of blogs together, listed by category and ranked in real-time every day, based on social audiences and reach.

“This directory links together the best, the niche, the popular and the unique content on the internet with the PR Companies and Ad Agencies behind some of the many brands looking to get in touch with those very same bloggers.

“Being part of this directory will mean that PR companies and brands across Australia and New Zealand will be able to contact relevant bloggers when they next plan a campaign or launch a product in their field of interest.”

Mr Long said Catablog will not be sharing its database publicly. The entire site will be for registered users only and vetted.

Using real-time tracking, Catablog is able to measure the total reach of the entire blogging directory, which lists 1,805 blogs, reaching 5,949,699 twitter followers, 14,622,900 facebook “likes” with 1,491,975 “Talking about this” on Facebook and 4,567,059 instagram followers.

Catablog for Bloggers:

  • It’s free to join!
  • Allows them to be easily found by companies and brands across Australia and New Zealand when they are planning a new campaign, launching a product, or just wanting your community’s opinion in your field of interest.
  • It will ensure PR companies and brands across Australia and New Zealand only contact you about products and issues related to your field of interest.
  • It will provide an opportunity to grow your communities and link with other like-minded bloggers
  • Presents a unique opportunity to be easily found, spread your opinion and extend your reach!

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