Shake The Cage Cup Submissions Open

Shake The Cage Cup Submissions Open

The Shake the Cage Cup has opened for submissions and is beginning to make waves across Australia.

The Shake the Cage Cup has been launched to force politicians from Australia’s major parties to start having a conversation with the public about reviewing the tax concessions given to religious institutions on their non-charitable work – a move which could raise hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues.

Already, Sanitarium has felt the brunt of this grass-roots initiative.

Shake the Cage Cup founder Daniel Bluzer-Fry spoke to Sanitarium earlier this week to ask – given the brand’s charity status which makes it exempt from tax – whether it would be interested in helping those struggling in Nauru.

Listen to the audio of the conversation here.

Speaking to B&T, Bluzer-Fly said the idea is to leverage the weight of not-for-proifts (NFP) to try and do good for Australia as a whole.

The way he sees it, “If we can’t unfuck this relatively one simple problem [of corporate tax evasion] what chance do we have of solving bigger problems we face?”

He added: “There are three big days people can put in their submissions, a lot of people talk about wanting to help out their favourite NFP, generating funds that will go to not for profits that people can vote for.”

“The focus of the initiative is to start a conversation that’s well overdue,” he said.

The competition is designed to bring some much-needed transparency to the Australian NFP sector and help a heap of luck NFPs along the way both in the short and long-term.

The idea behind the cup is to get Australians who are passionate about social justice to submit a video to highlight an issue they care about that is in need of better resourcing.

Already, Aussies are jumping on board.

Entries are being judged by a panel of top judges including Desh Amila, Dr Meredith Doig, Ross Harding, Fiona Patten MP, Dr David Zyngier and Asher Wolf.

The winners will share in a $15,000 prize pool, and there are a heap of additional prizes and perks for all involved (including everything from tickets to the sold-out Strawberry Fields Festival, pop up shows and events in late November along with some other fun bits and pieces).

The enter Shake the Cage Cup click here.

For more information on the Cup, visit the website here.

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