The Shake The Cage Cup Arrives

The Shake The Cage Cup Arrives

Glass: The Cannes Lion for Change may very well have it’s prestige shattered by an Aussie gong that is empowering creators to make an impact where they believe support is needed most.

And, get an important conversation happening in the leadup to the Victorian, NSW and federal elections.

With an ensemble of progressive, impact-oriented judges aboard, and a rising prize pool for creators and the not-for-profits they want to see supported, the Shake the Cage Cup has put a creative brief out asking creatives to produce a piece of content that raises awareness about an issue in vital need of economic support.

The brief is broad, with creators being asked to choose the issue that matters to them – be it temporary housing for domestic violence victims, financial support for drought-stricken farmers all the way through to additional government funding for social impact enterprises.

Once the competition is done, they’ll be donating their content to a cause/organisation tackling the problem at hand to use for fundraising or stakeholder engagement purposes.

So where is the catch?

The only guidelines for prize eligibility require the content to be less than 4 minutes and to be launched via social channels on 15 November with a small snippet on the end that will hopefully spur one of the most important cultural conversations in Australia since the Same-Sex-Marriage debate began in 2017.

With three judges announced on the panel so far including a Victorian MP, the founder of a sustainability music festival and conference, and an Australian Honour recipient, it’s going to be a big eight weeks with five more judges to be announced in the near future.

Leader of the Reason Party and currently a member of Victorian Parliament representing the Northern Metropolitan Region Fiona Patten said: “We want Australians from all walks of life talking about this. We want them talking about what is going on as a catalyst for change up top”

“What better way to shake things up than with an open invitation to Australia’s finest creators to stand up for what is important to them and help progress a conversation that we’re trying to have in parliament right now,” notes Patten, an inaugural judge who recently released her autobiography titled Sex, Drugs and the Electoral Roll.

Creators will also be able to tap into a variety of music when sourcing the sound for their masterpiece, with a number of artists already giving creators the rights to use their music as the backdrop to their submissions.

Furthermore, for creators and supporters of the inaugural Shake the Cage Cup, there’s likely to be a handful of fun events put on for shakers to round the competition out in late November to raise additional funds and celebrate everybody’s good work.

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