“Sex Sells”! Mining Boss Defends Bizarre Ad Designed To Infuriate Greens

“Sex Sells”! Mining Boss Defends Bizarre Ad Designed To Infuriate Greens

A Canadian mining company is under fire for releasing an ad that’s as strange as it is godawful.

The cheaply made ad for mining firm KWG Resources uses two bikini-clad models to extol the virtues of it potentially mining the crap out of what appears to be a very pristine Canadian wilderness known as Ontario’s “Ring  Of Fire” region.

Check the ad out here:

The spot features two models known only as Theresa and Ashely who deliver “five interesting facts” about the region. Or, more to the point, the bonanza the mining company will get if it manages to get its greedy mitts on it.

Who the ad’s actually aimed at isn’t quite clear but if its job was to upset environmental groups it’s done just that after they labelled the whole thing as “laughable”.

However, boss of the mine, a Mr Frank Smeenk was having none of the criticism. Responding with that old industry adage “sex sells”.

The ad has so far had over 70,000 views on YouTube with many of the comments (from men) positive about the two ladies featured, although they may have missed the actual message. While others griped about the current state of global mining stocks, suggesting that mining the crap out of the pristine wilderness wouldn’t be worth the effort.

“No chance in heck this project goes ahead with current economics and metals prices, no matter how bad 1 or 2 companies want it to be… go ask cliffs natural resources about the ring of fire, they will tell you what its worth,” noted one.

While another “fan” of the ad posted: “The only people that bitch and complain about nice video ads like this would look like shit in a bikini anyhow. Just jealous.”

Cute, funny, informative. Classy. Nothin’ wrong here,” said another.

We’ll let you decide.

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