Seven Says It Doesn’t Want Amber Harrison Imprisoned

Seven Says It Doesn’t Want Amber Harrison Imprisoned

Seven says it is no longer seeking legal costs from its long-running legal dispute with the former mistress of its CEO, Amber Harrison, nor does it want to see the former employee go to jail for contempt of court.

Harrison, of course, had an affair with company CEO, Tim Worner, until it ended in 2014.

The former PA was subsequently removed from the broadcaster and paid a hefty settlement on the proviso she did not go public with the affair and that she return sensitive documents, laptops and mobile phones in her possession.

Harrison did none of those things and in July last year Seven won a court-ordered gag on Harrison and was awarded all costs.

However, Harrison continued to ignore the order by speaking to media – including The Australian and the ABC – and via social media posts and was at risk of a jail term for contempt of court.

In December, Seven launched contempt proceedings against her.

In a court hearing yesterday, Seven’s lawyer Ruveni Kelleher said the broadcaster was now only seeking a declaration that Harrison was in contempt for breaching court orders. It no longer sought orders that she be punished for any contempt or that she pay Seven’s legal costs. Harrison, who apparently remains unemployed, said any punitive costs would bankrupt her.

The contempt of court hearing is set down for May 9.

Since Seven launched contempt proceedings, Harrison has been rather quiet both in the media and on social media.

In August last year, she launched a GoFundMe campaign in an attempt to raise $200,000 to help pay her legal bills. Sadly, for Harrison, the campaign petered out at a paltry $9208 and has since closed.

In November of last year, Harrison told The Australian she was prepared to “go to jail to defend my right to have an opinion”.

She later told “Channel Seven are kidding themselves if they think a court order is going to suppress the truth and protect corporate cover ups past, current or future in the present climate. It doesn’t work. It is a failed tactic. I will continue to speak out and I’m not removing tweets.”



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